Hello World Open is a virtual car race organised by creative technology company Reaktor and mobile game developer Supercell. The challenge of each team is to create an artificial intelligence and drive a virtual race car. Faster and smarter than fellow competitors, naturally.

"Represent your country, showcase your skills, travel to Helsinki all expenses paid and win prizes totalling to 10 000 euros."

The qualification rounds will be driven during May, within three regions to which the world map is divided for the Championships. Eight teams will eventually make it to the live finals in Helsinki. The finalists will travel to Helsinki with all expenses paid. They'll get a great chance to represent their country, showcase their exceptional coding skills and win amazing prizes, totalling 10 000 euros — under the watchful eye of powerful potential employers.

However, in case you still think that you're really not that much of a coder – think again. Hello World Open is an international sporting event and international sporting events belong to everyone! Follow the matches online, get to know the inspirational stories of your favourite teams and cheer your countrymen on to victory.

The finals will be played on June 10th in Helsinki, Finland.

Competition timeline

  • March 31st 1 pm GMT+3

    Sign up starts

    A team consists of 1 to 3 members
    You can only be a member of one team
    All members need valid passports

  • April 15th 1 pm GMT+3

    Coding begins

    Brace yourself

  • April 22nd 1 pm GMT+3

    Sign up ends

    Last day to sign up

  • April 29th 1 pm GMT+3

    Coding ends

  • May 6th-8th

    Qualification rounds

  • June 10th

    Coding World Finals

    The event we've all been waiting for
    Eight of the world's toughest teams meet in Helsinki, Finland

The story

Once upon a time in the kingdom of consultants, the creative technology company Reaktor came up with an intriguing idea about a code camp.

There's no way around it: our everyday work rotates mostly around relatively disciplined rules of programming. We wanted to offer our coders a chance to use their expertise to something out of the ordinary, have fun and learn new things along the way. Little did the consultants know they'd be participating in something that would expand into a global phenomenon.

"We quickly came to realize that this discovery was meant to be shared with a wider audience."

The objective of the camp was to imitate the classic, tennis-like computer game Pong and code an AI for a Pong-bot. The campers divided into teams and competed against each other's bots. Once they returned to the office and showed the rest of us what they'd created, the game became an instant hit: started cheering for different teams and playing favorites with the bots like they were actual tennis players.

We quickly came to realize that this invention was meant to be shared with a wider audience. And so it happened that the original Hello World Open, the first Finnish championships of coding, was born. All in all, the championships were a huge success. Over 200 teams fought for the title of the best coding team in Finland, and the whole programming world followed the live finals in Helsinki.

Now it is time to take coding championships global, bring together the next programming superheroes and inspire everybody to experience the joy of coding. Supercell shared this vision with us, and together we proudly present to you the first ever coding world championships: Hello World Open 2014.