The qualification rounds will be driven within three regions, during three days. Every region will have its own day in the spotlight.

Each regional competition day will consist of four different rounds and each round consists of five races for each team. After each round, the most successful teams with the highest scores will get the chance to continue to the next round.

Races are run with six randomly selected teams on the track. The lap times clocked during a qualifying session will determine each team’s starting position, whereas the actual race will be scored depending on the finishing order. Points are awarded as follows: 9, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1. The winner will get 9 points, and the last team will get 1 point. Disqualified teams get 0 points.

For the first round, we'be picked all teams that committed at least once to their BitBucket repository. For each consequtive round a certain number of highest-scoring teams will be selected, namely 200, 50 and 12 teams. The number may be higher than specified in case there are multiple teams with the same number of points. On the other hand, teams that have scored 0 points on the whole round will never get qualified for the next one.

On the 4th round the two finalists are selected. If there are multiple teams with the same number of points competing for the 2nd place, a single tie-break race is driven to pick the finalists.

After the exciting three days of qualification rounds only six of the 2500 kick-ass teams will complete their journey to the live finals. However, the teams do also have the chance to become finalists through the Wild Card Rounds.